Cartridge Cigarette Filter Refills

Cartridge Cigarette Filter Refills

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  • These filter cartridges are guaranteed to fit the TarGard Cartridge Cigarette Filter System!

  • Available in both 20 and 100 count (best value) packages.

  • Each cartridge lasts for between 5 and 10 cigarettes, depending on what style and brand of cigarettes you smoke.

  • Made in the USA

I love the TarGard filters! I've been sharing them with my friends and they seem to like them a lot too. It is no harder to drag off of than normal, and I feel like it is protecting my teeth and keeping them from staining.

Lauren E, Indianapolis

Cartridge System
20 Refills

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100 Refills


Cartridge Cigarette Filter Refills

If you've previously purchased and used the TarGard Cartridge Cigarette Filter System and need more filter cartridges then these are what you're looking for. We offer them in both twenty count and one-hundred count packages. Purchasing the refills in the 100 count package is by far the best deal. You'll save almost $0.02 cents per cigarette filter cartridge.

Cartridge Filter System

If you haven't yet tried out the Cartridge Cigarette Filter System, we recommend purchasing the system first and it will come with ten filter cartridges to allow you to decide whether you like this style of filter or not.

Cartridge Filter Accessories

We also sell replacement parts that are guaranteed to fit your original Cartridge Cigarette Filter System. While our cigarette filters are extremely durable, we have some customers who have been using our products for decades and after that amount of time, certain pieces can start to wear. The good news is that they're very affordable. View Cartridge System Replacement Parts.


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