Mini Disposable Cigarette Filters

Mini Disposable Cigarette Filters

  • Lowest prices on the web!

  • Our smallest, most discreet filter.

  • Protect your health without drawing unwanted attention.

  • Each filter good for up to 8 cigarettes.

  • Hassle-free -- Just use and toss!

  • Unbeatable volume pricing - Save 50%.

  • 1 bulk bag covers up to 2 cartons of cigarettes.

I was impressed with the filtration system which allows a natural inhalation and natural tobacco taste, while still trapping much of the damaging tar.

Lawrence J. about our Mini Cigarette Filters

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Our Mini Cigarette Filters

The TarGard Mini is many of our customers' favorite cigarette filter. It's our most discreet cigarette filters which is a big draw and allows you to use it without many people noticing it.

Despite the TarGard Mini's size, it still removes the same amount of tar that a full-size TarGard cigarette filter would. While some of our other filters need to be discarded after 10-20 cigarettes, our Mini cigarette filter will need to be tossed after you've smoked between 5 and 8 cigarettes. This will vary for each smoker depending on how hard you draw as well as which brand of cigarettes you smoke.

Buy Mini Filters in Bulk and Save!

While we offer these in both 30 packs and 100 count bulk bags, we recommend that you purchase them in the 100 count bags because it's a much better deal for you. When you buy in bulk, you'll save 50% over the 30 pack pricing.

TarGard Mini Disposable Cigarette Filter 100 count bulk bags are only sold online.


Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

love it
Review by reddonna
I have been using the mini for over a year. I discard after 3-4 cigarettes since I can start to taste the tar. I NEVER smoke without one. First thing I noticed was my smokers hack / cough was gone. (Posted on 7/3/2015)
great andbunbelievable
Review by RAM
This is an amazing product and even help me cut back when the smoke shop by my house sold them and even helped me quit. (Posted on 9/22/2014)
good Impulse purchase
Review by kj
Bought these thinking they were just heavier duty filters for the cig I hand role and was really surprised that they filter out a lot of junk of any cigarette. I haven't notice any change in the taste or hit of the cigarette. It just filters extra junk. Very nice. Good price. Good quality. Fits great and secure on cigarette s (Posted on 4/30/2014)
Life saving smoking gadgets..
Review by wam
Got it from a friend and tried for two weeks and results are tremendous.....Easier breathing and more endurance.
Need a bigger consignment!!! (Posted on 11/30/2012)
Review by spaceduck
good (Posted on 11/4/2012)
Stick with the original
Review by Andy
I've been using the original disposables and original permanent filters for about a year, and I decided to try the minis on an impulse. They do filter somewhat, but I feel like the smoke is "heavier" than if I were to use an original. I also tasted the tar after about 3 or 4 cigarettes and had my cigarette fall out a few times when flicking the ash off. The minis are better than having nothing at all, but if you can choose between these and the original, the original wins hands-down. (Posted on 9/4/2012)

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