Benefits of TarGard Cigarette Filters

If you've already tried them then it's easy to see how well TarGard cigarette filters work. If you're just learning about TarGard then some of the benefits below may pleasantly surprise you. Listen to an example voicemail left for us by Miriam W. Gray of Virginia Beach to get an idea of how passionate our customers are about TarGard.

After only smoking a few cigarettes through any of our tar trapping cigarette filters, you'll see just how much tar the filters save your lungs from. On top of that, our grateful customers send us an amazing amount of feedback about how using TarGard filters have drastically improved their quality of life.

Some of the benefits our customers report to us may surprise you.

A Sample Customer Message

Aide Smoker's Cough

The reduction of smokers' cough is by far the most common comment we hear from our customers. We hear it from those who have used TarGard filters for a few weeks, as well as those who have used them for years. Learn More »

Gum and Oral Sensitivity

Studies have shown that smoking is the #1 preventable risk factor for gum disease (external source). We're not claiming that TarGard will prevent gum disease, but we'll share the feedback we've received from actual customers. Learn More »

Cut the Tar, Keep the Taste

If you're wondering how using TarGard Cigarette Filters will alter the enjoyment you get from smoking, you'll be relieved to know that the taste won't be affected. Learn More »

Stained or Smelly Hands

TarGard cigarette filters can prevent your hands and fingers from becoming smoke stained and smelling like cigarette smoke. Read a customer's first hand story of how she discovered this benefit. Learn More »

Whiten Your Teeth

TarGard can help prevent tar from staining your teeth when you inhale. Learn More »

Cutting Back or Even Quit

Our cigarette filters are not a smoking cessation or a quit smoking product by traditional standards. With that said, many of our customers have said that using TarGard has helped motivated them to cut back on the quantity of cigarettes they smoke. Find out why! Learn More »

Freshen Your Breath

Don't let smoking cause bad breath! Many TarGard customers tell us just how much using TarGard cigarette filters help them maintain great smelling, fresh breath. Learn More »

Improve Lung Function

So many 20, 30 and even 40 year smokers have told us that after using TarGard for several months their doctor asked them if they quit smoking. Learn More »