Cigarette Filters - Silver

Our cigarette filters fit all standard sized cigarette brands, except for our Slim Cigarette Filter Adapter which is designed specifically for "slim" cigarettes. Choose one of our disposable filters or our Permanent Cigarette Filter today!

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  1. Permanent Cigarette Filter System

    Permanent Cigarette Filter System

    Starting at: $1.00

    • The cigarette holder that Hunter S. Thompson made famous!
    • Classic styling and amazing efficiency
    • Our most affordable filter ever; costs less than a penny per cigarette over time
    • Extremely easy to clean and re-use
    • Permanent metal filter should be cleaned after 7-20 cigarettes, depending on cigarette tar content and smoking technique.
    • Fits all standard sized cigarette brands.

      Permanent Filter Bundle

      The permanent filter bundle contains the following products:

      • Three Permanent Filter Systems
      • Two Cleaning Brushes
      • 20 O-Rings

      Product Details

    • Permanent Filter System

      Each pack contains the metal filter, one O-Ring, one clear mouthpiece and one black mouthpiece.
    • Cleaning Brushes

      Designed to help clean your filter thoroughly, one end of the brush works like a broom and the other end looks like a pipe cleaner that helps lift the tar out of the filter.
    • Replacement O-Rings

      The O-Ring will wear out at varying speeds, depending how often you take a part your Permanent Filter to clean it. One bag contains 20 O-Rings.
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  2. O-Rings

    Permanent Filter Accessories

    Starting at: $1.00

    • Each of these replacement parts and accessories are designed to fit the TarGard Permanent Filter. They will only work with the TarGard Permanent Filter.
    • These accessories are produced using BPA free materials.
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