Can TarGard Help You Quit Smoking?

Common questions related to quitting with TarGard:

  1. Does TarGard filter nicotine?

    No, not significant amounts.

  2. Is TarGard a smoking cessation product?

    No. TarGard is not an alternative to nicotine patches or prescription medications.

  3. Are some smokers able to cut back or quit when using TarGard?

    Yes, but TarGard is only part of the reason!

This photo shows the before and after comparison of our Mini Cigarette Filter. You can clearly see how much tar is collected after smoking 4 - 8 cigarettes through it. People are typically shocked when they see this for the first time. It's a clear picture of how much tar is currently entering your lungs.

TarGard cigarette filters give some smokers the evidence needed to cut back on the quantity of cigarettes they smoke. TarGard filters do not capture all the tar that would otherwise enter your lungs. For some people, this understanding motivates them to quit completely.

We understand that quitting isn't easy. We consider TarGard to be a healthier alternative. We would never recommend TarGard over quitting.

If you're looking for a way to smoke healthier, please give a TarGard cigarette filter a try today! If you still aren't convinced, read what some long-time TarGard customers have told us about why they continue to buy TarGard cigarette filters.

Customers Who Cut Back or Quit with TarGard

"I love TarGard. I have smoked for decades. When I started using TarGard a few years ago I noticed a change. I can go hours without a cigarette and not even realize it. I have gone up to 5 hours without WANTING a cigarette. It has given me extra time! I don't HAVE TO take a morning or afternoon break. With TarGard I do not have to take a break to smoke.

My boss is a "reformed" smoker. He hates cigarettes. It is better for me when he notices that I am not running outside to have a cigarette. I just love the Clear Color Disposable Filters. They save me money and time. Anything that saves money and time is a winner in my book!!!"

...says Christine

"I have been a smoker since 1968, 43 years ago! When I started smoking my father told me I should smoke a pipe to reduce the tar. I thought about quitting several times but have never managed to quit because I am an attorney and the nicotine keeps my mind active.

I am just Lucky that I found out about Tar Gard. It not only protects me from the tar and keeps my teeth from turning yellow, it has also helped me to cut down on my smoking because sometimes I just put a filter in my lips with no cigarette when I am working drafting documents and I feel like I have a cigarette. I started using the disposable amber filters about three years ago and in have gone from two packs a day to one pack and and I tell all my smoker friends that if you want to smoke or smoke less use TarGard. The disposable filters are inexpensive and easy to use and are a healthier way to smoke, thanks to Tar Gard."

...says Doris

"Hi, my name is Louise and I have been smoking since I was seventeen. I have been using targard for over 20 years. I discovered the filters while I was visiting Macon, France. A receptionist who worked at the information desk was using the targard and I began talking to her about it. She even gave me one to try. I came back to the US and started to look for them in places where they sold cigarettes. I found the targards in a drugstore. It was expensive and they were only 5 to 10 in a packet. So I looked at the targard package and found an address and wrote to them and I have been ordering and using them ever since.

Targard has reduced smoking from 3 packs a day to 1/2 pack a day. I believe that if I had not switched to targard I would not be writing to anyone today. My coughing has stopped over time and looking at the tar buildup in the filter keeps reminding me to keep using them. I use the amber color style and order by the packages of 100 to make sure I don't run out. I cannot tolerate smoking any cigarette without targard.

I have tried to quite many times over the years and using targards has made several failures to quit not seem like such a failure."

...says Louise