Disposable Cigarette Filters

Most of the cigarette tar filters we make are disposable. After trying TarGard for the first time, you'll quickly see and smell all the sticky tar that our cigarette filters trap. Not everyone wants to clean this substance off of a filter, which is why we make several different convenient disposable cigarette filter styles. For more information about which filters are the best value, see our cost per filter style page.

Original Disposable Cigarette Filter

Available in clear, white or amber (pictured), this continues to be one of the most popular disposable cigarette filters sold today.

Each Original Disposable Cigarette Filter can be used for about 20 cigarettes.

Disposable Mini Cigarette Filter

The only small cigarette filter made by TarGard. They're discreet, it's easy to see when to replace it, and the best per cigarette value (excluding the reusable filter), less than $0.02 per cigarette.

Each Mini Cigarette Filter can be used for about 8 cigarettes.

Slim Cigarette Filter

The only disposable cigarette filter guaranteed to fit Virginia Slims cigarettes.

See the product page for a full list of guaranteed fit brands as well as a list of common "slim" brands that we know will not fit.