Cut the Tar, Keep the Taste

"Cut the Tar, Keep the Taste" has been the TarGard motto for years because it's the perfect summary of what it does. We know why smokers enjoy smoking and we also understand the hazards of it, which is why we're focused on allowing you to continue to enjoy smoking while at the same time reducing the harmful effects it has on you.

How Does TarGard Affect Taste?

You may wonder or be worried about whether or not TarGard cigarette filters will actually change the taste of your cigarette. This is a common concern. We are happy to say, that TarGard cigarette filters will not affect the taste of your cigarette. We're so confident because long-time TarGard customers continually send us feedback telling us how surprised they are that they're still able to enjoy a cigarette without noticing a change in the taste.

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How the Venturi Principle Works

Tar is removed from the cigarette smoke and it doesn't change the taste. TarGard's Venturi principle is the key. It's also why TarGard's filters are more effective than the competitors' products. For a visual, check out our video below.

Customer Testimonials

"I've tried to quit many times, but the real truth is that I do not want to quit. I have very few vices but the one I really enjoy most is smoking. We all have vices good and bad, but at times I don't know if I'm more addicted to smoking or the use of an amber TarGard filter. I just DO NOT light up without one. Sometimes I don't even light up, I just run around with one in my mouth being always prepared to light up. And yes, therefore I've even absentmindedly tried to light up just the filter itself.

Like myself, all TarGard patrons see and FEEL the difference. The amber filter does not change the full flavored taste of my cigarettes whatsoever but very effectively captures all those evil little tar balls that otherwise would have claimed my life way before now.

I would never advocate people to smoke at all, but if you have to, PLEASE, use a TarGard filter. If you were just to use 3 or 4 of them without interruption, I'd bet all my war medals that you won't smoke again without one. TARGARD!!! THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!!!!"

...says Doc

I have been very impressed with your targard filters that I buy. Ever since the tabaco companies were forced to put the chemicals in the cigerettes so they die out right away, I have been having a severe burning in my mouth and throat. Now that I use your Targard's it has changed the cigerette back to the way they are suppossed to taste. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

...says Dennis

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