Frequently Asked Questions

General Filter Questions

  1. How do TarGard Filters work?

    Great question. TarGard filters because of the Venturi Principle. This principle works without removing nicotine or introducing additional substances into the filter or cigarette smoke. Learn more about how TarGard works.

  2. Will TarGard Filters change the taste of my cigarette?

    No. TarGard filters are designed to filter out tar only and should not change the taste of your cigarette. Our motto is "Cut the Tar, Keep the Taste".

  3. How much tar does a TarGard Filter remove?

    It’s impossible to say exactly, since the percent of tar captured depends on the individual user. The variables involved include cigarette brand, cigarette type, and even personal smoking style (how you draw on your cigarette). If you want proof that TarGard filters are working hard for you, though – simply look inside. You’ll be amazed how much they’re keeping out of your lungs.

  4. Can I find TarGard Filters in my local drug store?

    TarGard products are currently available in Walgreens. We recommend that you call your local store to check availability. If they're out of stock, please come back and purchase them here. If you'd like to speak with us on the phone, please feel free to call us anytime.

  5. Does TarGard make filters that fit slim cigarettes?

    Until January of 2012 we did not. However, we now offer a disposable cigarette filter for slims! It's guaranteed to fit Virginia Slims, Misty Slims and Salem Slims.

Permanent Filter System

  1. How do I clean my Permanent Filter System?

    Cleaning the metal filter element of our Permanent Filter System is easy. Simply twist & pull to separate the metal insert from the plastic mouthpiece. Clean both pieces with hot water and a cotton swab, or use rubbing alcohol. Allow both pieces to dry completely before reusing.

    We have more detailed cleaning instructions as well.

  2. How often should I clean my Permanent Filter System?

    There’s no single answer here – cleanly frequency will depend on things such as your specific brand of cigarette, its tar content, and your personal smoking technique.  That said, we recommend that you aim for a quick cleaning after every 10-15 cigarettes.