Relieve Sore & Swollen Gums

Many people know smoking doesn't only negatively affect your lungs. Smoking also has severe effects on your mouth, specifically your teeth and gums. We hope you're reading this prior to experiencing these painful side effects of smoking.

The use of a TarGard cigarette filter can help minimize the negative health effects that cigarette smoke has on your gums. We have many customers who use TarGard for this exact reason.

How Does TarGard Relieve Gum Soreness?

A simple way of understanding it is to think about how holding the filter in your teeth will cause the inhaled smoke to miss your gums entirely. It's simple and very effective.

In addition to the smoke "missing" your gums, the cigarette filter removes significant amounts of tar from the smoke you inhale. Chemicals in the tar is part of what causes long-term negative effects on your gums.

A Relieved Customer

"TarGard is a great product. Been using the small disposable ones for over a year.

My dentist actually got me on them due to gum problems and reseeding gum lines which can make you lose your teeth. My dentist said it helps but still wants me to quit....Trying...... and this product does help.

People always ask me ..."what is that you're using" I show them and some have actually purchased them......that tar is if ya have to smoke Try will like it......."

...says Randy

How Does TarGard Remove Tar?

No one will argue that TarGard replaces the need to quit smoking. But if you don't want to, or cannot quit smoking then give TarGard a try. We know you'll see and feel a difference in how your gums feel.

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