Prevent Your Hands From Smelling Like Smoke!

If you've smoked for many years you may be used to the smell of cigarette smoke. This won't surprise you, but the fact is, non-smokers aren't and don't like to be around the smell.

If you're looking for ways to cut down on the persistent smell of remnant cigarette smoke then don't overlook the smell of your hands. Hands and fingers are often overlooked by smokers trying to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke.

If you've smoked for decades then your hands might also be stained slightly yellow. This happens because cigarette filters do not fully channel all the cigarette smoke through the built in filter. Some of the smoke actually comes through the sides of the filter.

To prevent the smell and the staining you need to use a cigarette holder. This will prevent your fingers from being in contact with the actual cigarette while you smoke. In addition to these benefits, there are many other important health benefits of holding your cigarette with TarGard.

Try TarGard cigarette filters today!

Customer Feedback

"The first time I purchased TarGard was at a Walgreen's store. My daughter had complained that the baby blanket I made our first grandchild smelled of cigarette smoke.

I cried just thinking about it. She nor her husband smokes. And to think I worked so hard on the blanket and now it smelled of smoke. I told her I don't smoke in the house. She said the smell is on your hands. Everything you mail to us smells of smoke.

I thought that using a filter might help. And it did. Not only do the filters keep that collected tar out of my lungs, it got rid of the smoker's cough and the smell of cigarettes on my hands.

Many people have asked us about the filters and they are shocked when we show them the tar inside of the filter. And then I ask them to smell their hands. They always say they smell like cigarette smoke. Then I ask them to smell mine. And they are hooked right away. While the filters can be purchased in a variety of stores we always tell them that the best price is through the website. And as a plus they are shipped very quickly."

...says Denise