How To's, Videos & Filter Information

If you haven't ever purchased TarGard, you'll find that the links below answer many common questions including which filter is most cost effective and whether your brand will fit. We also have powerful TarGard customer testimonials which talk about the benefits they've received from using our cigarette filters.

If you've already purchased TarGard, we have information on how to easily clean and maintain your permanent filter system.

Cigarette Filter Cost Breakdown

Typical smokers pay roughly $0.13 per cigarette when using the TarGard Mini Cigarette Filter. See how that amount is arrived at and what the cost breakdown is for our other styles. Learn more »

How to Clean the Permanent Filter

Learn how easy it is to take the cigarette filter apart, how easy it is to clean it and why it's the most versatile cigarette filter available today. Learn how »