Prevent Bad Cigarette Breath

Smokers are always looking for ways to keep their breath fresh and prevent "smoker's breath". Breath mints and gum are common solutions for this problem. Unfortunately gums and mints (containing sugar) only cover up the real problem, and after they wear off your breath will actually be worse.

So What Causes Bad Breath?

There are many causes of bad breath, the leading cause being poor oral hygiene. Smoking is known to cause gum disease, which TarGard cigarette filters help prevent, and the cause of smoking provoked gum disease is related to what causes bad breath for smokers. It's all about the tar.

TarGard helps prevent bad breath caused by smoking because our cigarette filters actually remove tar from the cigarette smoke before it comes in to contact with your gums, teeth and tongue. Without using TarGard, a portion of the tar sticks to your tongue and teeth and contributes to the production of bad breath.

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Customer Feedback

"I have smoked for a few decades. Although, I've always smoked ultra-light cigarettes, no matter how much I brushed, my teeth were always dark, so just after my last cleaning I wanted to do something about it. I noticed the Tar-Guard filters for the first time in a drug store by the counter and thought I'd try them. The first thing that amazed me was just how much goop and tar your filters collected from my, so called, low tar cigarettes, and secondly, that I had lost that strong cigarette breath smell. Within the first month my gums were no longer sore by the end of each day from smoking. By the end of the second month I noticed I wasn't as winded while walking my dog on our half a mile walk each day, so I decided to increase the distance to a mile. By the end of the fourth month my dog and I were walking 3 miles a day, and continue to do so. However, the thing that made me smile the most was when I returned to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning. He was really surprised at my teeth and asked me if I had quit smoking. That's when I told him about the Tar-Guard and showed him one of the filters.

From my friends in my hometown of Miami, to old neighbors in Palm Beach, to my cousins in New York, I tell everyone one I cherish most, all about Tar-Guard filters. They have made a world of difference to me in ways I never expected, and I know they will help others too."

...says Ginny