Permanent Filter Accessories

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Permanent Filter Accessories

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  • Each of these replacement parts and accessories are designed to fit the TarGard Permanent Filter. They will only work with the TarGard Permanent Filter.

  • These accessories are produced using BPA free materials.

I have been purchasing TarGard since 1988. I love using them and would not smoke a cigarette without one! I always have people asking me what they are and I always recommend them.

Marie B

Cleaning Brushes


Accessories for the TarGard Permanent Cigarette Filter

The TarGard Permanent Filter has been sold by TarGard since 1963! It continues to be the best value because it can be reused time and time again. Over time, some of the pieces will show wear. That's why we offer each of these replacement parts and accessories at very affordable prices. Replacement parts will help extend the life of your Permanent Filter considerably.

Cigarette Filter Cleaning Brushes

Our cleaning brushes help to make cleaning your Permanent Filter a breeze. Two brushes come in each pack and each brush has two different brush styles. On one end there's a small broom like brush. On the other is a brush that looks like a pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner end is sized to fit in all the nooks and holes in the Permanent Filter.

Replacement O-Rings

The o-ring on the Permanent Filter will wear out at varying speeds, depending on how often you take it a part to clean it. The good news is that a twenty count bag of replacement o-rings is very inexpensive. Even better than that, they're really easy to replace.


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