Permanent Cigarette Filter System

Permanent Cigarette Filter System

  • The cigarette holder that Hunter S. Thompson made famous!

  • Classic styling and amazing efficiency

  • Our most affordable filter ever; costs less than a penny per cigarette over time

  • Extremely easy to clean and re-use

  • Permanent metal filter should be cleaned after 7-20 cigarettes, depending on cigarette tar content and smoking technique.

  • Fits all standard sized cigarette brands.

    Permanent Filter Bundle

    The permanent filter bundle contains the following products:

    • Three Permanent Filter Systems

    • Two Cleaning Brushes

    • 20 O-Rings

    Product Details

  • Permanent Filter System

    Each pack contains the metal filter, one O-Ring, one clear mouthpiece and one black mouthpiece.

  • Cleaning Brushes

    Designed to help clean your filter thoroughly, one end of the brush works like a broom and the other end looks like a pipe cleaner that helps lift the tar out of the filter.

  • Replacement O-Rings

    The O-Ring will wear out at varying speeds, depending how often you take a part your Permanent Filter to clean it. One bag contains 20 O-Rings.

I feel less sluggish and weighed down by a cigarette and feel much better day to day.

Tyler M.

I don't see how anybody could possibly smoke without them, when you see the scum that piles up in there.

Hunter S. Thompson

Permanent Filter Bundle
Permanent Filter System
Cleaning Brushes


It's Reusable!

We call it the "Permanent" filter because, well, its extremely durable, easy to clean and will last for a long time. The TarGard Permanent Cigarette Filter is the original cigarette filter that launched TarGard back in 1963. Still, to this day, the TarGard Permanent Filter is the only reusable cigarette filter available.

The Permanent Filter System comes complete with each of the following:

  • 1 Metal Filter Insert
  • 1 Black O-Ring
  • 1 Clear Mouthpiece
  • 1 Black Mouthpiece

It's Easy to Clean

Cleaning the TarGard Permanent Filter only takes a few seconds. We also provide cleaning instructions with a few tips that customers have passed along to us over the years. Even though it's easy to clean, it may not always be convenient to. That's why most customers prefer to keep two or three of them on hand so that when you aren't at home you can use a backup filter until you can clean it.

Tar Holding Capacity

This filter has similar tar holding capacity as our Original Cigarette Filter. Some smokers can smoke a full pack of cigarettes through it without it needing to be cleaned. However, this will vary for each smoker depending on how hard you draw the smoke and which brand of cigarettes you smoke. We've heard that average customers can get between 10 and 15 cigarettes between cleanings.

Hunter S. Thompson made it Famous

We were very fortunate to have Hunter S. Thompson as one of our most loyal customers. He always kept several cleaned Permanent Cigarette Filter Systems on hand so he could make sure he never had to smoke without one. He was quite vocal about the effectiveness of TarGard filters and was a very gracious brand steward for TarGard. He's missed by many.

We have honored his memory by occasionally holding a Hunter S. Thompson Look-Alike Contest. View previous year's contest winners and participants.


Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Permanent Filter
Review by Skip MI
I have used throw away fillers for years, But this beats them all by a mile! I couldn't believe it pulled out, compared to the others!
It is easy to maintain. It might even get some people to quit, when they see what is going into their lungs. I recommend is 100%
best product ever made
Review by cindy
I have been using a reusable Tar Guard filter for 30+ years now. I recommend them to everyone I see who smokes. They last a very long time, but finally the metal core broke in half when I was cleaning it so am greatly relieved to still be able to get another one! They used to be available in retail stores that sold cigarettes, wish they still were but I will order one right away. Best product ever!!! So glad I can get a new one
Last One You Will Have To Buy
Review by DW
I have been using mine for about 35 years. You pull it apart and wipe out with a tissue and put it back together. I usually clean mine every 10 cigaretts or so, you can see the tar building up.
Amazed At The Products The Guard Collects
Review by david r
I think for any smoker the Guard is a must
Very Good Product
Review by JayVIN
I find this product very practical & usable. I smoke hand rolled cigarettes and have to clean it after every second one, but I just take it apart and clean it with a tissue or toilet paper and its ready to use again immediately. All improvement I would recommend is that there should be a little hole to put a string thru, I keep losing mine and have to buy new ones very often. Only one shop in Worcester, South Africa, assisted me in ordering this product, so I know where I can replace mine. I usually had to drive 2 hours to the nearest shop to buy one of these. I'm totally lost without my reusable targard.
Get This Thing
Review by Blakelton
Review by Tomcat
Received my permanent filters yesterday and very pleased. Easy to clean up and gonna be nice not having to spend $$ on the throw aways.

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