How Does TarGard Work?

Our cigarette filters are designed according to the Venturi principle. This principle, named after an Italian physicist, essentially means that as air flows through a constricted section, its speed increases. Here's how this applies to our cigarette filters.

  • As you draw smoke through the cigarette and then through the TarGard cigarette filter insert, the smoke accelerates. Speed increases because the opening in the filter insert is small.
  • When the smoke enters the main chamber, it is forced into the impingement barriers. Just before the point of contact, the cigarette smoke will have traveled over 200 miles per hour.
  • When the smoke hits the barriers, the heavier particles of debris will collect on the barriers. Most of this debris is what's referred to as cigarette tar.
  • After that, the lighter smoke continues past the barriers, through the rest of the mouthpiece and into your mouth.

To learn more about why so many people won't smoke without TarGard, see our benefits page.

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