Small Cigarette Filters

If you are a smoker who's looking for a discreet, less noticeable, small cigarette filter you'll want to learn more about our Mini Cigarette Filter.

Mini Cigarette Filter

It's our smallest, most discreet cigarette filter. Our "mini" is almost invisible and it's one of our most popular cigarette filter styles.

Due to the high demand we've seen over the years we now offer this style in bulk bags of 100. Each filter can be used for about 8 cigarettes, which makes the cost of drastically reducing the amount of tar entering your lungs less than $0.02 per cigarette.

Slim Cigarette Filter

It's our newest TarGard cigarette filter style and we guarantee that it will fit Virginia Slims, Salem Slims and Misty Slim cigarettes.

They're small and clear just like the Mini TarGard filters, except the filter opening was engineered specifically to fit the most popular slim cigarette brands in the United States.

Why TarGard Customers Like Mini Filters

"I use the little clear filters because they're less noticeable. I've been using this particular brand of filter for about three years.

I started using TarGard because it was less expensive by volume than other similar filters. The really important thing I've noticed is not feeling "amped up" when I get distracted and smoke too much. Sometimes I would be so jittery I couldn't go to sleep, but that doesn't happen anymore no matter how much I smoke.

Another thing is not having that terrible taste in the morning is a major plus. I definitely don't cough as often or as hard as I used to. If you can't stop or really don't want to stop smoking, TarGard is the next best thing, because it eliminates or minimizes a lot of the negative effects of smoking."

...says Ms. Harris

"My parents raised us in a strict, loving home. They were both smokers, and gave us permission to smoke when we reached 16 years of age. I have been smoking since I was 16 years old (I am now 58 years old).

As young people, we would occassionally blow the cigarette smoke through a tissue for the fun of it. At this young age, I noticed, and knew even then that the "tar" collected by the tissue was something I would rather do without.

I noticed a gentleman put his cigarette into a small, clear, discreet looking filter one day at a baseball game. It looked like a great idea to me from that very moment. I asked him how the filter worked, and he showed me, and raved about "TarGard's effectiveness".

I searched the web for TarGard, and bought both the original disposable, and the mini disposable without much thought at all.

I have been using both th original at home, and the mini away from home. My lungs feel clearer, my smokers cough went away three weeks after I began using them, and two of my friends saw me, bought them, and swear by them as I do.

I have been using "TarGard Filters" for 1 1/2 years now, and will continue using them as long as you make them. Great product!!"

...says Eddie

If you have any questions about our tar removing cigarette filters, please contact us at your earliest convenience.