Cigarette Smoke Staining Your Teeth?

Keep Your Teeth White!

Stop wasting money on teeth whitening products. TarGard makes it simple to drastically reduce staining caused by smoking up front. TarGard cigarette filters can help protect vulnerable enamel from the tar that causes those unsightly yellow stains.

Why & How Does it Work?

TarGard cigarette filters protect your enamel in two ways. Firstly, TarGard smoking filters significantly reduce the amount of tar that enters your mouth and prevents this brown sticky tar from coming in contact with your teeth. The added benefit is that our cigarette tips make it easy to hold it in your teeth which causes the smoke to miss the fronts of your teeth entirely.

TarGard Compared to Teeth Whitening Strips

Many people who use popular brand teeth whitening strips, who don't smoke, use them up to four times per year to initially whiten and then to maintain the whiteness of their smile.

Using name brand strips 4 times would cost approximately $144 per year.

$144 of TarGard Cigarette Filters Equals...

  1. About 440 packs of cigarettes if using the TarGard Mini Cigarette Filter.
  2. About 700 packs of cigarettes if using the TarGard Original Disposable Filter.
  3. Or, 20 TarGard Permanent Filters!

What TarGard Customers Say About Their Teeth

"I have smoked for a few decades. Although, I've always smoked ultra-light cigarettes, no matter how much I brushed, my teeth were always dark, so just after my last cleaning I wanted to do something about it. I noticed the Tar-Guard filters for the first time in a drug store by the counter and thought I'd try them. The first thing that amazed me was just how much goop and tar your filters collected from my, so called, low tar cigarettes, and secondly, that I had lost that strong cigarette breath smell. Within the first month my gums were no longer sore by the end of each day from smoking. By the end of the second month I noticed I wasn't as winded while walking my dog on our half a mile walk each day, so I decided to increase the distance to a mile. By the end of the fourth month my dog and I were walking 3 miles a day, and continue to do so. However, the thing that made me smile the most was when I returned to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning. He was really surprised at my teeth and asked me if I had quit smoking. That's when I told him about the Tar-Guard and showed him one of the filters.

From my friends in my hometown of Miami, to old neighbors in Palm Beach, to my cousins in New York, I tell everyone one I cherish most, all about Tar-Guard filters. They have made a world of difference to me in ways I never expected, and I know they will help others too."

...says Ginny

"After smoking tobacco and enjoying it for over 40yrs became aware of Tar-Gard filters just a few years ago.

When the new taxes were put on cigarrette tobacco I started rolling cigs again like back in the 70' save some money. Needless to say my fingers were turning yellow so after searching the net for a "cig holder" ended up with a Tar-Gard permanet filter made in the 60's in original package on my favorite auction site. Was very happy later to find you still in business and selling on the internet.

I use your permanent filter with my hand-machine roller,cheap papers and a cross-over type of pipe tobacco so I don't have to buy the tubes with filters which added to the cost. My fingers are not stained any more and my teeth are also whiter. A friend of mine tried a new filter on her name brand smoke and was surprised to see results on the first one making us to think those filters just keep tobacco out of your mouth not the "gunk" out.

Now I refuse to smoke with out a Tar-Gard filter, they make any cigarette taste better regardless of brand, paper or tobacco. Being able to breath deeper is also an added benifit that I wasn't expecting. I use the permanet filter so I see all the bad stuff my lungs and teeth missed when cleaning it. Personally I don't want to quit smoking it is a pleasure for me, these filters make it even more so.

Thank You Tar Gard..."

...says Deborah