Smoker's Cough Relief


The strongest evidence about the health benefits of TarGard Cigarette Filters come straight from our customers. Nowhere are our customers more passionate than in their descriptions of how TarGard filters help them kick their nagging smoker's cough.

One look at this before and after picture (to the right, taken after just 8 cigarettes) make it easy to imagine how much tar you can keep out of your lungs over time by using our inexpensive cigarette smoke filters.

Try TarGard for a few weeks and you'll be sharing your own amazing TarGard success story with every smoker you know, just like Kerry does below.

Smoker's Cough Relief Stories

"Thank You Tar Guard!

I have been smoking since I was eighteen and now I am sixty-five. When I was twenty-three my dad bought a Tar Guard filter. He didn't like cleaning it and so he gave it to me. I didn't mind cleaning it, but I lost it and because I couldn't find where to buy another one, so I went without one for thirty years. During that time I was smoking two to three packs a day and developed lots of respiratory infections and a terrible smokers cough. I tried to quit several times but was always unsuccessful.

Then, in the mid '90s, I started rolling my own cigarettes from pure natural tobacco, in an effort to avoid all the chemicals in store-bought cigarettes. Unfortunately, the smoke was so strong that it burned my throat. Then, while shopping in Walgreens one day, I saw the Tar Guard filters on sale and bought one. It was the permanent kind that you can see through. I like that kind because I can see what isn't going into my lungs.

Not only did it help to cool down the smoke from my hand rolled cigarettes, but it did something else too! For the first couple of weeks of using it I coughed up all kinds of gunk from my lungs and cough went away, forever! Since then I have not had any serious respiratory infections, no cough, and none of the respiratory problems that so many of my smoking friends have.

My doctor is always so amazed at how clear my lungs are, being that I am a life long smoker. I know that biggest reason is that I have been using the Tar Guard filter. I still enjoy lighting up, and I buy all my Tag Guards on line. I am always telling my smoking friends, that cough and wheeze, to get themselves a Tar Guard filter or quit smoking. It really works! Thank you Tar Guard!"

...says Kerry