Block Tar with TarGard!

TarGard was founded in 1963 to help smokers block as much tar as possible while still allowing them to continue to enjoy smoking. It all started with our TarGard Permanent Cigarette Filter and has since grown into a full tar blocking, cigarette filter product line.

How Much Tar is Blocked?

While this is a great question it's also not possible for us to provide an exact percentage of tar blocked or removed. Some of our competitors will make claims of high percentages such as 80% or even 90%. However, in reality the amount of tar removed depends on many factors including the brand of cigarettes you smoke and your smoking style. Our experience is that smokers who inhale more aggressively also filter more tar, which is consistent with the reasons for how and why the Venturi Principle works.

The best way for you to truly grasp the positive impact that our cigarette filters can have on your life is by trying them. Many of our customers have told us how using TarGard for the first time was an amazing eye opening experience.

The first time you try TarGard you will be able to see exactly how much tar gets blocked from going into your mouth, throat and lungs. Several of our cigarette filter styles are made of clear material so it's really easy for you to see the collected tar. But, the feedback you'll get isn't just visual. We promise you - you will feel the positive difference that our cigarette filters will make on the quality of your life too.

If you are still skeptical read through a few customer stories and then let us prove it to you. We know that if you try our filters you'll be writing us a letter like this very soon.

How Does TarGard Block Tar?

TarGard will work for you, we guarantee it. TarGard cigarette filters is able to block significant amounts of tar while you smoke by using the scientific Venturi Principle. See the video below for a visual of how it works.

Each TarGard cigarette filter styles use this method for tar removal and it's proof that the built-in cigarette filter does not do a good enough job of blocking tar and other harmful substances from entering your mouth and lungs.