What do TarGard Customers Say?

Nothing makes us happier than to receive letters and e-mails from satisfied TarGard® customers. Are you trying to decide if TarGard cigarette filters are right for you? Take a look below at what fellow smokers have to say about our products. Already a TarGard customer? Please drop us a line and let us know what you think about our cigarette filters. We’d love to hear from you!

Video Testimonial

Miriam Left Us A Voicemail

Transcription of Audio

...Call me at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Miriam W. Gray, I want to do a commercial for TarGard. TarGard is the only thing that has made me able to smoke for the last 40 years or so. I would cough so bad if I ever ever touched a cigarette with out a TarGard. No matter how bad my habit, I would not smoke without a TarGard and I'm still using them today. I'm 83 years old and I want to tell you it's the best thing in the world I ever had. Of course smoking is awful, but if you've got to smoke use a TarGard. Please call me. I want to do a commercial because I want smokers to know there is help to get all that black goo out of their lungs and keep it out of their lungs. Please please call me right away!

...Miriam W. Gray, Virginia Beach

More TarGard Customer Stories

I enjoy smoking and so does my father. After finally finding TarGard that makes them for slim cigarettes I have been very impressed with your product and the price. I am more surprised of how much tar it actually traps. Smoking Salem Slim 100s – 2 or 3 cigarettes and I have to change it. My breathing has improved since using your product.

...Lisa Keip

I love the TarGard filters! I've been sharing them with my friends and they seem to like them a lot too.  It is no harder to drag off of than normal, and I feel like it is protecting my teeth and keeping them from staining. One filter was lasting up to a full pack of cigarettes.   They look pretty cool too, makes me feel like a movie star when I'm using them! 

...Lauren E, Indianapolis

"This little gadget is an interesting addition to any Smoker's repetoire. While the health affects are questionable, it provides a smoker with several other perks. It somewhat prevents your fingers from smelling like smoke, a condition which few people like. Also, it does in face collect a certain amount of tar, which would otherwise be in your lungs or on your teeth. I strongly recommend using the clear tip over the black one, as it allows you to see just when you need to clean the device. Speaking of, cleanup is really easy, I just drop it in a bit of alcohol."

...Jared C

"Dear friends at TarGard,

I enjoy smoking Honeyrose/ Nirdosh herbal cigarettes on a daily basis, and though they do not contain the additives, nor nicotine of most tobacco cigarettes, they do have TAR. Yes, admittingly, smoking anything is bad for the lungs; but, the way in which TarGard reduces the tar - most deadly element of smoking - is of most value. The visible reduction of poisonous residue which TarGard provides is significant. It is gladly my filter of choice, first and foremost because it is made in the USA, and secondly because it works! Thanks employees of TarGard for keeping my lungs cleaner. I also thank the inventor who engineered the TarGard; you have done a great service to smoking enthusiasts.

...Mr. Lepe

"I was impressed with the filtration system which allows a natural inhalation and natural tobacco taste, while still trapping much of the damaging tar."

"I was delighted to learn that I could order in bulk, 100 filters to a package, and at a very attractive price. I ordered 3 bags of the bulk packages on a Wednesday, Saturday rolled around and there they were, delivered in a cool 3 days! Impressive!"

"And there is the matter of quality control: Yours is excellent.  I have always found 30 filters to a package, and have found the exact 100 count each in the 3 recently purchased bulk packages. Furthermore, all of the orange filter inserts were/are neatly intact and the opening for the cigarette is uniform with a cigarette size, so there is always a nice, snug fit."

...Lawrence J

"I use Targard with every cigarette. It captures most of the black tar that would ordinarily go into my lungs. I purchase them in quantity so I always have enough and I'm never without them. They are handy and easy to use and store. And most importantly, they work!"


"I use Targard with every cigarette. It captures most of the black tar that would ordinarily go into my lungs. I purchase them in quantity so I always have enough and I'm never without them. They are handy and easy to use and store. And most importantly, they work!"

...Mrs. Wright

"I don't see how anybody could possibly smoke without them, when you see the scum that piles up in there."

"For one thing, it is not a holder. It is a filter. A big difference. A filter clears a full ounce of scum and tar a day, keeps it from ruining my lungs. The first time I used it, I saw what came out of a filter and I never stopped."

...Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

"I received the package today and everything is great. Actually, I'm smoking through the filter as I write you. Makes everything so smooth and I get the feeling that I'm not destroying my lungs…as opposed to not using the cigarette filter.....it is definitely more healthy to use the cigarette filter that not to use it."

...Needham S

“Great product! I have used it for years and would never smoke a cigarette without the cigarette filters!”

...Cynthia S

"I have used them for over 10 years and I hand them out to all my friends and family to try. I love the way they do not change the taste!"

...Therese H

"Using the clear cigarette filters you can see a lot of tar added to the metal bar."

...Maria E

"Tar guard, targuard, tar gard - I don't care how you spell it I love them! I can't smoke without my cigarette filters!"

...Judy R

"Hello, I just recently purchased your #1 Perm. Cig. System, and I love it!"

...J from Minnesota

"Hello, I have been using your cigarette filters for about 2 years and appreciate what is collected in the filter, not in my mouth and lungs. Thank you!"

...Sandra O

"I have been purchasing TarGard since 1988. I love using them and would not smoke a cigarette without one! I always have people asking me what they are and I always recommend them."

...Marie B

"I have been using your filters for a long time and I love them. I can tell a big difference when I use them as opposed to not using them. I like to smoke. I just don't want the tar and nicotine and your filters are great. I enjoy my cigarettes and I don't want to quit. I want to thank you for giving me an option. These great filters of yours…help more than you know."

...Mary B

"My friend talked me in to using them about a year ago, and whenever we meet up, she is still using hers. I would give them a try or two and since they didn't hold my brand tight, I gave up on them. I am thrilled to have one that works now!

I tried switching cigarettes for the other filters I bought and ended up just not using them at all. I ALWAYS use these because they fit my brand tightly and work wonderfully. I am thrilled that I actually want to use them every time now!"

...Denise R

"I have used your product for years!

I can't enjoy a cigarette without it! Using Tar Gard has eliminated my occasional smokers cough and morning flem! Also, I'm the only smoker at my age that I know of that DOESN'T have the smokers fine lines around my lips! I refuse to smoke without Tar Guard! Thank you for such a great product!

Love, LOVE, L O V E Tar Gard! ;)"

...Adrienne and Kevin

I have used them, without fail since the 1980's. And your Customer Service is 2nd to none. It's the best. I almost miss calling on the phone and talking to an Customer Rep when I order on line. You are consistently the best company I have dealt with in my life, and I am in my 60's. Thank you.

...Allen K.

I have been a smoker for over 15 years. About 2 years ago I came across TarGard disposable filters at the local pharmacy. I bought a pack to try them out and have not smoked a cigarette without one since then! I used to wake up with lots of phlegm in my throat and it was a gross scene every morning coughing it up. This unfortunate side effect has completely cleared up since I've been using the filters. They've even become a trademark of mine and I often give them out to curious friends. I recently switched to the permanent filters, in particular the emerald green mouth piece, and I absolutely love them! I still keep a pack of disposables around to give to friends, some of whom have gone on to become TarGard users themselves.

...Amy E