Choose a Cigarette Filter Style

Let us help you figure out which cigarette filter will work best for you. We have several different styles designed to fit regular size cigarettes as well as slim cigarettes like Virginia Slims, Misty Slims and Salem Slims.

TarGard Cigarette Filter Styles

4 TarGard Cigarette Filter Styles
  1. Disposable Cigarette Filters

    TarGard's disposable cigarette filters are available in several different styles, and are inexpensive. They cost as low as $0.13 per cigarette. Learn more.

  2. Reusable Cigarette Filters

    Our reusable cigarette filters are by far the best value and help to reduce waste. Smoke up to a pack of cigarettes, clean, reuse & repeat. The cigarette holder of choice by Hunter S. Thompson. Learn more.

  3. Small Cigarette Filters

    Our small cigarette filter provides all the benefits of the other filters at one-third the size. Their nearly invisible but offer the same tar filtering performance of the other TarGard filters. Learn more.

  4. Slim Cigarette Filters (not pictured)

    Slim Cigarette Filters are the newest style at TarGard. Our customers demanded them and we've listened. If you smoke slim cigarettes (not super slims or capri) then these are the filters for you!